On Edys…

On Edys…

Yesterday, my timid eldest daughter was voted onto her school committee by her classmates.  I’m immeasurably proud.

Her younger sister again woke me early today, so I thought I’d take the chance to pen a quick poem for Edys.

How To Build A Fire

What beguiles more than a flickering flame

Reflected in stupored eyes

Reaching ever higher

Impossible to tame

The brittle kindling, all elbows and knees

Callow to start, but now

Coaxing the pyre

Gone too soon, no reprise
Growing in stature, as the yearning, learning

Curling fingers

Grasp, but miss

Then rise again, still burning

Limbs develop, the blazing twigs start to roar

Take a stronger hold

Fear fading

Bashful no more

What charms more than your own young girl

Reflected in your stupid eyes

Realising her abilities

Making her way in the world

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