Christmas Gibbons by Adam Bojelian (Oct 2010) – #sundaypoem

Before you read this week’s poem you should know a bit more about Adam, so here’s his bio from his blog: I’m 12 years old (in 2012) and like writing poetry. Other boys and girls play with toys. I play with words. I blink to speak so have to write all my poems by blinking, spelling out words and phrases. It can take me all day to write just one line and months to complete a whole poem. In July 2010 I was awarded one of the first Brit Writers Awards at a ceremony at the 02 in London in recognition of my ability to write poetry. In December 2010 I was awarded a Gold Blue Peter badge again for my poetry writing. In January 2011 I was “Highly Commended” in the Scottish Book Trust/Sunday Herald, Jacqueline Wilson Short Story competition. In June 2011 I was awarded the Rising Star “One To Watch” Award at the Young Scotland – Scotland’s Got Talent Awards. I hope you enjoy my poems.

As you can see from the latest post on his site, this poem has now been turned into a Christmas song that you can buy on iTunes for just 79p.  Please do so!

Christmas Gibbons (October 2010)

Gibbons are fun at Christmas,
They don’t mind the snow,
Gibbons are fun at Christmas,
But there is something about them you don’t know.
They are Santa’s secret weapon,
They work on Christmas night,
Swinging across the roof tops,
They really are a sight.Bringing lots of presents,
All around the world they go,
More agile than the reindeers,
Swinging to and fro.

They are Santa’s secret posties,
Bringing gifts wrapped in paper and ribbons,
You thought the reindeers did this job,
Now you know it is the gibbons.

(c) Adam Bojelian 2010

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