No More by Malcolm Dimmick #sundaypoem

No cobblers hammers tap no more
No church no more, no steeple
No grammar schools
No homes for fools
No factories, no people
No smiles and no good morning sir
No vision nor no planners
No steam train nor no sulphur clouds
No courtesy, no manners
No fishing pools, no mushroom stools
No wooded bank, no flowers
No sun at day, no moon at night
No time at all, no hours
No treacle tart, no change of heart
No saying sorry, ever
No backing out, progressing in
Retreating, no, no never
No hives of bees, no Japanese
No Nissan cars
No mess
No black no more
No White, oh NO!
and worst of all
No yes.

Malcolm Dimmick

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