That Was The Week That Was: CardiffStart fb Links Shared Roundup

As part of the Cardiff Start team, alongside some of the other members, I’ve agreed to provide a round-up of the info shared through the group’s facebook page each week.  So, without further ado, here’s the info that our padres have shared w/c 15th October 2012.

The week kicked off with Warren Fauvel bringing our attention to the Digital Business Collaboration conference at The National Museum of Wales.  Ludicrously, this was one of a number of events targeting start-ups planned for the very same day in the capital (there was also Cardiff Ventures and the StartUp Britain Bus)… For any events organisers / Cardiff Council marketing bods reading this, PLEASE try to check diaries when granting people permission to use your venues!

Next up, Jonathan Fry broke the news that after 5 years in existence and £2.5M in sustenance Cardiff & Co. was to be mothballed.  As an outsider, the main qualm I heard when referring to what was ostensibly a marketing agency for the city, was that they didn’t have the finance to make the impact needed… £500k pa doesn’t sound too shabby to me.  Notably, the domain is already redirecting to a new entity … What do our users think? A good new moniker?  Personally, I’d be worried about the open (own) goal of using it rhetorically in arguments against setting up in our fair city.

Wednesday was a busy day, with Evan Rudowski opening proceedings with Mile Galliford’s article asking why digital magazines failed when ebooks, music and films are thriving?. Next up James Murray was seeking peeps to complete a Getting Value for Money at Supermarkets questionnaire for PhD research and then Shaun Thomas sought volunteers to use his new social network.  James then reposted to alert us to upcoming events from Cardiff Uni’s Innovation Network.

Greg Bednarksi then mused over who really works in their dream job and then I, Steve Dimmick, rounded the day off with a request for people with experience of developing interactive maps.

The following day, newly wed Sarah Chong (nee Hill) provided an update on press for the excellent CDF Hotspots wi-fi discovery app and then James Koash posted seeking tax advice and got plenty of response (hope that helped James!).  Nathan Cornish was next to share, providing a link for a music industry innovation competition.

Wrapping up the week we got posts from Dylan Thomas, seeking info from people who want to store staff contracts online, Stephen Milburn offering info on the next free Cardiff Jelly on October 23rd and  a plea from Matt Callanan for a motion graphics freelancer with After Effects skills.

So, there you have it, that was the week that was.  As ever, I’d like to remind any readers that CardiffStart has, is and will only ever be the sum of contributions and interactions from and with our members.  As you can see above, there’s no topic to small or big, narrow or wide that our members don’t discuss, so if you’re seeking advice, sharing a problem, posting about a new product / innovation / event or just looking for other entrepreneurs in the same boat then please share it with us: the more we put in, the more we’ll get out.

All feedback welcomed and responded to; we love comments!


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