What a star, Neil’s collated a load of tweets and snaps from last night so you don’t have to trawl! Enjoy 🙂

Neil Cocker

As many you will no doubt know, last night was the last Ignite Cardiff that Claire and I will be running. It’s been a brilliant three or four years, but we needed to hand it on to someone who will give it the time and energy that we no longer can. Anyway, just so I remember the last event, I’ve pulled together a handful of the tweets and pics of the evening. More for my own amusement and memory, and not as an official Ignite Cardiff stream. Thought I’d share it here:

  1. AlexKavel
    Who’s going to #IgniteCardiff tomorrow in O’Neils? http://x.alexkavel.com/QcF1DT Starring @compass_James @Welsh_ICE @beamazingtoday @thedimmick
  2. brandnatter
    Free event this Wednesday evening. Enlighten us but make it quick. Ignite Cardiff #9. O’Neil’s, St. Mary Street cc/ @IgniteCardiff
  3. Surfmonkey78
    Yay! Going to @IgniteCardiff…

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