Restaurant: Can Zaman (Syrian)

I tried Can Zaman last night whilst looking for “something different”.  As it was Friday and pay-day the wife and I fancied a takeaway and I needed a change from Chinese / Indian / Vietnamese (Pho Bac is excellent!), so I had a look around the web and saw one of my friends had raved about Can Zaman.  With no baby-sitter we were tied to a takeaway and I nearly didn’t bother as it’s the wrong side of town for us (they deliver, but not as far as Canton!).

But, if ever a drive to collect was worth it, it was this one.

The food was delicious and plentiful.  We went for the meze starter; about 8 different offerings including tzatziki, couscous, hoummous, salsa and various other dips and sauces that were lovely with the ‘wraps’ that were meant for our mixed grill main.  All of the meze’s are made on the day and the freshness was palpable.

The main was incredible; lamb kofta, chicken kofta, lamb shish, chicken shish, 2 (admittedly slightly overdone/charred) chicken wings all on a bed of nicely done rice.  The meats were tender and well, if not overly spiced.

I am looking at our diaries today to see when we can go along to have a proper sit down meal; the real shame from last night for me as the restaurant looks stunning, with ornate tiling and decor, it really is a step above almost every Indian / Chinese restaurant I’ve been to in Cardiff.

One thing to note is that alcohol isn’t served, but please don’t let that put you off; this is top quality cooking at really reasonable prices.  Our food was more than enough for 2, in fact I’m just finishing off the last of the hommous as I type 🙂

See you soon, Can Zaman.

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