Film: Brave, Dir’s. Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman and Steve Purcell (co-director)

As is tradition, after a blustery, but sunny, day yesterday I woke this bank-holiday Monday morning to the sound of rain hammering away outside the window.  August in Wales is nothing if not predictably unpredictable.  So, having foolishly taken the kids to Cardiff National History Museum today, we were hand-tied that it was going to be something a bit more commercial today.

As it happens, Brave was actually a really enjoyable couple of hours entertainment.  It’s fairly standard fare, so I won’t go into detail here, but had some nice touches and good humour for kids and Mams and Dads too.  Kelly MacDonald‘s voice was luscious as the protagonist, but her rebellious princess character was unwisely named Merida; every time Billy Connolly‘s meat-head king or Emma Thompson‘s pandering Queen spoke to her all I could hear was, “Moider!”.  Not good.  That was just a fly in the woad though and was soon forgotten.

The film’s a PG, but we went in with our 5 and 3 year old little ones.  There’s some fairly full-on fighting between 2 bears towards the end and I was starting to worry about our youngest… at which point he promptly cheered. “Hurrah!”…

7.5/10 – Here’s the clip, if you’re used to this kind of stuff as a parent of young uns you won’t be disappointed.

As an aside, the main screening was preceded by a lovely short called La Luna. Also from the Disney Pixar camp the twist in the tail is lovely. so do watch it all the way through.

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