Pub: Plymouth Arms, Saint Fagans


Nice place. Really, really attentive, helpful and friendly staff. Free wi-fi which allowed me to get some work done after a decent lunch.

I had the Spanish Chicken Breast £8.95. It came with a few slices of decent chorizo, but a weird something else (cheese?), whatever it is they should ditch it as it detracted from the other stuff.

There was also a roasted pepper – not really roasted though; none of the skin was coloured in anyway and whilst it was soft, there wasn’t that sweetness you get from proper roasting. And some baby new potatoes that were over done. The sauce with it was nice and sweet, but need to be reduced more as the flavour was lost a little.

All in all, nice enough and lovely people. 3/5

PS As an aside the free wi-fi is via O2 and to register you get texted… I’m on O2 and there was no reception in the pub, so I had to step outside to the car-park to receive the text!

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