Pub: Maltsters Pub – Llandaff, Cardiff


Went there for Sunday Lunch last week. Sadly not a good experience.

First off, it was cash only (OK these things happen) and it just went downhill from there…

It took ages for food to arrive and when it did it was shocking.

My wife – Beef Sunday Lunch £10.95. – A singled slice of overdone meat, 3 tiny, undercooked roasties, and a 1/4 of a parsnip that was apparently roasted… overcooked carrots and broccoli. No other veg.
Me – Shredded Moroccan lamb salad with beetroot, feta & mint £7.95 + parmesan chips £1.95 – Seeing shredded I assumed this would be warm meat. Instead I got sliced pieces of cold lamb, about 2 of which had any seasoning on. I’ve never seen shredded lamb served cold…? Meal was small IMO as a main and chips undercooked.

There was no kids menu, so we asked what they could have – ham + chips or sausage + chips (way to go healthy!) – no prices mentioned.

Child 1 – Ham + chips £5 – undercooked chips, the ham was good, but was unique amongst all the food in that respect
Child 2 – Sausage and chips £5 – undercooked chips and a single spiced pork dragon sausage. For a 3 year old.

Every meal was over-priced for what we got.

We made clear our disappointment at the end and fair play to the bar-girl she ran through each of the points with us; the chips were nigh on black/dirty, but still udnercooked? they’re cooked in rapeseed oil; why only 2 veg? it was late in the day; the lamb was cold? that’s how it’s ‘meant’ to be… etc. She then offered free coffees and the option to speak to the manager. We declined and just made it clear we wouldn’t be back.

I’m mostly disappointed as the quality has really fallen off the edge of a cliff in the last 6 months… Last time we went it was a good experience, even though I don’t remember what we had.

Sadly, only 0.5 out of 5 (for the bar-girl’s politeness and the excellent Colonel Williams IPA). We won’t be going back, sorry.

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