Film: Repo Man, Dir. Alex Cox – #midweekfilmclub 13

On setting up this film-club, at the back of my mind, there was a part of me looking at the future me, wondering if I’d like it if I became a film bore… You know, waxing lyrical about how so and so’s best work isn’t the world renowned x, but the little known y and such.

Watching Repo Man was maybe the litmus test for this.  In a packed Cinema 2 (for people not familiar with Chapter that’s about 70 people), lovely Chapter employee Claire Vaughan introduced a gent who gave a cracking intro talk about the film’s pros, cons and other nuggets of interest (apparently none other than Muhammad Ali offered to cameo in it… in exchange for *pinkie to lip* 1 million dollars).  Unfortunately, for me at least, that was the best few minutes of the next few hours.

Repo Man is a stinker… a real humdinger of a dreadful film. I’d like to say there’s some redeeming features but there’s not.  I laughed maybe once or twice, but for the life of me I can’t recall if that was because of the film or the fact that I’d thought it might be quite good.  So, to be kind, I think I’ll kill this review off now.

Before I do though, going back to the future me (at 88mph?), I’m kind of pleased that I won’t be eulogising about Repo Man as a seminal work, who knows though, maybe there’s some other hidden gem that I’ll find and adopt my finest Oscar Wilde pose to pontificate about in years to come.

Review (well, what there is) by @thedimmick from midweekfilmclub’s blog.

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