Film: The Debt, Dir. John Madden #midweekfilmclub 4

OK, so what to say here… This was just a bit of a damp squib sadly.  It’s overly cast, in that there are 8 characters sharing the leads, vying for your attention, in a dual timeline thriller.

These are made up of 3 young Mossad agents, their later life counterparts and the young and old versions of the Nazi war ciminal they were in Berlin to capture (albeit both versions of this guy are played by just one person; the excellent, Jesper Christensen).

The plot too is overly complicated and in trying to cover every possible aspect of the story, Director John Madden (Mrs Brown, Shakespeare in Love) sadly does none of them that well.

The film starts and ends with a pair of taught set-pieces, but these stylish book ends prop up over an hour of pretty average filler sadly.

The one saving grace, in my opinion, was Jessica Chastain… a solid performance, bettering the lady playing her elder self, Helen Mirren.

6/10 – Too much going on for you to really believe in any of the characters.

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