Film: Drive, Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn – #midweekfilmclub 3

With the world and it’s aunt seemingly falling over themselves to fawn over Ryan Gosling, I was really intrigued by what this film would offer. His performance is, I’d say, minimalist at best and vacuous at worst.  I know he’s meant to be the monosyllabic hero in this, but the sparsity and brevity of this leads lines really stood out and put unnecessary pressure, in my opinion, on darling Ryan to convey a performance through little more than steely glares.

The film is brilliantly filmed and holds some really slick scenes. It gets fairly violent towards the end which builds the tension. The lift scene shocked me.  I won’t sya anymore as I’ve not decided yet on a policy for spoilers!

Carey Mulligan was good as the support and Ron Perlman was enjoyable as the baddy, even though I couldn’t stop thinking he was a prosthetisised Will Ferrell throughout.

The real star of the show though is Cliff Martinez‘s soundtrack, that stood out and even though all of the music isn’t his, nor indeed is the film even set in the eighties the music, just works.  You’d just never guess Martinez is an ex Chilli Peppers drummer…!

7/10 – Enjoyable film, that gathered pace towards the end and had a killer soundtrack.

Addendum: re: the music, get your luggs around this as a taster, Nightcall from Kavinsky.  If this doesn’t dress you in a powder pink Le Shark polo t-shirt, stone-wash jeans and Troop boots, highlight and hairspray your hair and give you a 9 carat earring, I don’t know what will!

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